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Chesner Engineering PC

Applied Research and Engineering

Who are we?

We are an applied research and development company combining the talents of several groups, dedicated to materials science research and development applications. 

What is our Focus?

Our focus areas are real time laser scanning systems for material identification, process quality control, multivariate data analysis, multivariate model licensing and development, and materials recycling and hazardous materials  management.

Customer Base?

We engage in research and development, and consulting services with private companies, entrepreneurs, inventors, Federal, State and local government agencies, and universities

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Laser Scanning Systems

See an overview of the types of laser scanning systems under development and the way they can enhance production material quality control.

Multivariate Models

Glance at the types of multivariate models we have developed and the manner in which they can benefit your data collection and data analysis requirements.

Materials Recycling

Review our experience and  the services available to clients to maximize materials recycling of excess materials in industrial processes.

Hazardous Materials Management

See the hazardous materials management innovations in waste stabilization and dredge-material containment available to clients

Contact Info and Locations

Find our Contact Info and the location of our Main Office and dedicated Laser Scanning Laboratory