Materials Recycling

Highway Construction

  •  Chesner Engineering (CE) is internationally renowned for its work in waste and by-product material recycling in the highway construction industry providing support to the public and provate sector in the development of guidelines for material utilization, testing methods, product specifications and material processing system development. 
  • Recycled materials can be used to replace natural materials in the actual pavement structure or pavement subbase. 
  • Evaluating the suitability for use in a particular application requires engineering and environmental property evaluations to ensure the the recycled material will comply with all and relevant specifications.
  • CE has direct experience in testing and evaluating coal-fired power plant ash, oil-fired power plant ash, and sludges, municipal waste combustor ash, waste glass, foundry sand, recycled concrete, recycled asphalt, sewage sludge ash, petroleum contaminated soils, steel slag, blast furnace slag, construction and demolition debris, dredge muds, and cement and lime kiln dusts. 
  • A photograpic slide show of many of theses materials that we have evaluated and tested is shown below: